User Experience Design

Simplicity is at the center of our experience design practice. We take a holistic view of the entire user experience within the context of use to drive informed design decisions and create intuitive user interactions.

Consumable Design

Microfluidic cartridge design plays a key role in the successful development of a complete IVD system where ease of use, throughput, and cost per test are critical factors. This is particularly true for Point of Care Testing (POCT) applications in which the cartridge also acts as an easy and intuitive user hardware interface.

Housing & Structure

Many product designs have one thing in common, there are a collection of devices that need mounting into a structure and a cover encloses the assembled item.

Hidden in the detail of that high level need is the art of engineering a good solution.


We have a proven track record of successfully designing and integrating fluidic systems within products ranging from large, complex fluidics instruments to small, highly innovative medical devices.


Invetech has unparalleled expertise in this area, overcoming all sorts of motion challenges, from controlling motion at the nanometer level to driving high frame rates and critical focus in automated imaging systems.


We understand the deep technical details of thermal interfaces, thermo-electric devices, high speed temperature sensors, complex PID control, profile linearization and more that enable our thermal-cycling solutions to help you smash your time-to-result and assay precision targets.


Invetech has a strong and dynamic optical capability developed over many years and many dozens of successful projects.