Cartridge & Consumable Design

As the core of a Point of Care medical diagnostic device, the cartridge drives overall system development.

Example Applications: Decentralized/distributed medical devices, CLIA-waived POC devices

Central to overall system design

A Consumable is: a single use, disposable device that is used to present or deliver sample materials into an instrument for processing in a workflow as a closed system.

The design of the Consumable can be used to support one or more of the following functions:

  • Sample introduction
  • Fluid movement
  • Carriage of reagents – liquids or powders (dry, lyophilized, or frozen)
  • Extraction – to enable “elements of interest” to be isolated from the other components.
  • Filtration – Separation of one or more “elements of interest” from any other element
  • Purification – to enable purification of the “elements of interest”
  • Element replication – to enable concentration of “elements of interest” by techniques such as amplification (PCR) to enhance detection and analysis capability.
  • Detection – via methods of detection which may include fluorescence, colourimetry, impedance, magnetic or resonance.
  • Cross-contamination control – to prevent cross-contamination within a Consumable
  • Sterility – In some instances the consumable is for processing biological materials that will be introduced back into the human body – these must be sterile