Elutriation. Washing. One system.

Optimize your cells for downstream success with Korus™

The Korus™ system uses a gentle elutriation process, also known as counterflow centrifugation, to give you a cleaner cell population to begin your cell therapy production processes such as CAR-T, dendritic cell, tumor-infiltrated lymphocytes (TIL), or IPSC-derived therapy. The Korus™ is designed to provide you with the flexibility to fine-tune your elutriation or cell wash protocol according to your unique process requirements so that you can optimize it for downstream success and devise high-quality therapies cost-effectively.

The Korus™ system’s
elutriation application:

  • The gentle counterflow centrifugation prepares your starting material to optimize downstream performance
  • Results in greater cell selection recovery and growth*
  • Selects the target cells you need while removing the cells and contaminants you don’t need
  • Provides a stronger intermediary product for downstream processing*

*When compared to samples prepared through CS5+ washing. Full study available here.

The Korus™ system consists of a benchtop instrument (closed system), a single-use set, and software that supports elutriation and washing protocols.

Higher cell purity, selection recovery, and growth


purer lymphocyte population*


improvement in T cell recovery after selection*


more T cells during expansion*


more efficient at depleting platelets*


more efficient at depleting RBCS*


improvement in manufacturing yield*

*In samples prepared with Korus™ elutriation protocol compared to samples prepared through CS5+ washing. Full study available here.

Flexibility to configure your own protocol

Configure Korus™ standard elutriation and wash protocols to fit your needs during process development, then lock it down for GMP.

  • Centrifuge speed

  • Counterflow rate

  • Counterflow ramp rate

  • Elutriation volume

  • Harvest volume

Built-in ease of use

The Korus™ counterflow centrifugation system has been designed for ease-of-use:
  • Easy to install, functionally closed, sterile single-use set
  • Intuitive screen interface that walks operators through protocols step-by-step

  • One core technology to meet industry standards, from process development to commercial manufacture

Korus™ system specifications

Wide processing volume range:
25 mL – 9 L

Single-use set loading time: 
<5 minutes

Viability loss


Input volume range

25 mL – 9 L

Output volume range (user defined)

25 mL – 500 mL

Single-use set loading time

<5 minutes

Typical processing time

<1 hour typical

Standard operations

Lymphocyte elutriation
Monocyte elutriation with media exchange option
Cell wash with media exchange option


Glove compatible color touchscreen

Control system

Supports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Chamber volume

Two 50 mL chambers

Maximum operational RCF

1000 x g


W 1460 mm (57.5 in), H 760 mm (30 in), D 810 mm (32 in)


195 kg (430 lb)

The Korus™ system by Invetech is for research, laboratory or cell therapy manufacturing processes use only. It is not intended as a medical device in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures. Customers are responsible for validating the use of Korus technology within their process or therapy. Consult all instructions, terms and warnings prior to use of the solutions and products. Failure to do so can result in damage or serious injury, including death. Ready-to-run turnkey systems may require minor configuration before sale and use depending on customer needs.

Learn how to optimize your cells for downstream success with Korus™