Invetech has unparalleled expertise in this area, overcoming all sorts of motion challenges, from controlling motion at the nanometer level to driving high frame rates and critical focus in automated imaging systems.

Example Applications: Automated imaging systems, NextGen Sequencers, Centrifuges, Liquid handlers

Motion solutions integrated in Life Science and Diagnostic instruments

A common challenge across projects in diagnostics and life sciences is the requirement for motion and motion control for liquid handling, imaging, optics, focusing, and positioning. Through Dover Motion, a division of Invetech since 2014, we have a portfolio of motion solutions and modules, as well as 50 years of experience developing custom motion solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients’ instruments.
When developing new instrument platforms, the combined capabilities of Dover Motion and Invetech delivers a substantial benefit in terms of design solution maturity, cost of goods advantages, and accelerated time to market. We ensure the successful integration of subsystems and test solutions under real-world conditions of the intended product environment to ensure reliable motion implementation.