Invetech has a strong and dynamic optical capability developed over many years and many dozens of successful projects.

Example Applications: Microscopy, Cell imaging, Molecular diagnostics

Distinct optical architectures for fully integrated systems

Our breadth of experience includes many fields of microscopy, fluorescence, spectroscopy, low light applications, light absorbance, cytometry, and surface plasmon resonance.
Core capabilities in optics, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics and software ensure a fully integrated solution.
Our dedicated optics laboratory is used extensively for initial development of proof of principle and prototype optical systems where our extensive stock of optical components (e.g. lenses, filters, mirrors) and optomechanical hardware (mounts, carriages, rails), coupled with in house manufacturing capabilities and a range of test and measurement equipment, supports our agile development philosophy.
Optical subsystems are often further developed, integrated, tested and commissioned in this laboratory before moving out to our project designated laboratory for full integration into the equipment under development.