We have developed fluidic systems across a broad range of applications from large clinical analysers with high fluid consumption and storage needs all the way down to all-in-one microfluidic devices. Our engineers have utilised technologies such as air and liquid displacement metering, peristaltic pumping, oil-primed transport, air-knifing, piezo displacement, asceptic tubesets, closed-loop sensing and many more.

Example Applications: Liquid handlers, Cell therapy automation, Molecular Diagnostics, Sample prep, NGS library prep

Accuracy and precision in advanced fluidics solutions

The accurate delivery of precise volumes of reagents, the control of concentrations and dilutions, and the efficient mixing of fluid and particulate suspensions all play a critical role in the realization of successful biological assays and automated chemistry workflows. Our experience includes developing cutting-edge technology for electrowetting platforms, custom elements for reagent storage and assay automation, and custom measurement solutions such as ultrasonic and thermal gas flow meters.
Our fluidic knowledge is also central to the successful design of microfluidic cartridges and consumables. We have played a key role in this field, working with clients to successfully transfer their assay workflows into both low and high-volume consumable products with macro or microfluidics.