Temperature Control

We understand the deep technical details of thermal interfaces, thermo-electric devices, high speed temperature sensors, complex PID control, profile linearization and more that enable our thermal-cycling solutions to help you smash your time-to-result and assay precision targets.

Example Applications: PCR amplification, Cell analysis, Molecular diagnostics, NGS library prep

Thermal control a common requirement in medical devices and automated cell therapy systems

The ever-increasing sensitivity of the technologies within the healthcare field requires matching improvements in thermal control and detection methodologies to achieve product performance requirements. We understand the importance of control algorithms, sensing elements and thermal conductivity in system design, and have designed and built many high performance thermal systems. Our designs have provided some of the fastest PCR cycle times possible, with thermal ramp rates beyond 50⁰F/s (10⁰C/s) achieved while holding steady state performance. Working with our in-house science team, we combine our engineering knowhow with our clients’ product needs to find optimal solutions. Successful challenges we have solved in the past include:

  • Maintaining a constant and precise temperature for cell growth
  • Rapid cycling of temperature for DNA multiplication (PCR)
  • Sustaining a specific storage condition
  • Providing the appropriate thermal environment for sensitive instrumentation
  • Ensuring that the internal temperature of an instrument is maintained

Our proven methodologies allow us to achieve excellent thermal control early in the development process, minimizing the risk of unexpected issues in the quality of results, processing speed or functionality of the assay chemistry.