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Cartridge & Consumable Design

As the core of a Point of Care medical diagnostic device, the cartridge drives overall system development.

For Point of Care diagnostics, the cartridge is often the heart of the system, incorporating complex functionality in as small a footprint as possible. It also serves as an easy and intuitive user hardware interface.

Invetech has developed a variety of microfluidic cartridges that incorporate:

  • Microfluidics (precise movement and metering of very small amounts of fluids <100µl)
  • Fluidics (general movement of fluids >100µl)
  • Sample storage and handling in an appropriate container and form to preserve sample integrity and achieve efficacy requirements
  • Reagent storage and handling in a suitable means to achieve shelf life requirements and aesthetic presentation
  • Electrical, optical, mechanical and liquid interfaces
  • Design for ease of use by the User (operator or patient)
  • Design for safe use and disposal through the whole manufacture, storage and use cycle

Core competencies in cartridge design

  • Mechanical engineering for design, movement and control of structure, device, fluids, particles and cartridges
  • Electrical and software engineering for precision and control
  • Optical and sensing for the control and measurement of location and feedback, as well as metering and measurement of outputs from reagent interaction with the target sample for analysis of the process, and ultimate output of results
  • Usability Engineering and Experience Design for confirmation that the design of the cartridge together with the medical diagnostic device are intuitive and safe to use with a minimum of interpretation and instruction/training
  • Automation engineering to determine the most effective method for assembly of the cartridge in an automated fashion to allow scaling to production volumes

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