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Experience Design

Simplicity is at the center of our experience design practice. We take a holistic view of the entire user experience within the context of use to drive informed design decisions and create intuitive user interactions.

Our multidisciplinary team of experience design professionals initially immerse themselves with the people, challenges and environment. They employ generative research methods and tools to discover the user’s unarticulated goals and pain points. This is followed by an analysis of insights and synthesis of findings in collaboration with our engineers, software developers and scientists to identify the problems we should focus on during development. We also explore solutions and take design concepts into the field to test with real users. This allows us to quickly check key assumptions and identify improvements by observing what works well and where friction or risks exist in the interactions.

Well executed experience design results in:

  • Intuitive workflows
  • Uncovering insights that lead to innovation
  • More engaged users, leading to more loyal customers
  • More successful product launches
  • Saving time and money by developing the right product the first time
  • Preventing a usability issue or other problem from cropping up late in the process

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