Manufacturing Automation for Cell & Gene Therapies

Swiftly transition your cell and gene therapies from clinical to commercial scale manufacturing with our production-ready manufacturing and automation solutions.

Flexible solutions and services

Configurable platforms and single use sets
Manufacturing consulting and roadmapping
Laboratory services and applications
Confidence in quality and reproducibility

Configurable platforms and single use sets

From day one, we work with you to create a road map to manufacturability. Our platforms are designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements for integrated, semi-automated or fully automated production.


Our in-depth understanding of cell and gene therapy manufacturing solutions enables us to swiftly resolve issues and aid your transition to a closed, integrated manufacturing environment. This complete life-cycle approach assures compatibility, reliability and quality at every stage – giving you more certainty in the outcome.

Manufacturing consulting and roadmapping

Therapeutic developers need a manufacturing strategy that will scale with their autologous or allogeneic therapy. Our integrated team of engineers and scientists work together to translate your process from the lab bench to commercial-scale production.


We work with you to identify the most suitable manufacturing system for your specific therapy and develop a strategic transition plan that considers:

  • Available commercial-scale processing technologies
  • Short and long-term tech transfer requirements
  • GMP manufacturing planning and total cost of ownership

Laboratory services and applications

Our cell biologists and engineers work together to assure your therapy remains unchanged by the clinical and commercial manufacturing processes. Our integrated laboratory services and applications support this effort.

  • Integration of unit operations: Enables a streamlined, efficient manufacturing process.
  • Process optimization: Migrates open processes to closed systems, which increases reproducibility, minimizes yield loss, and assures compliance with regulatory agencies.
  • Industrialization: Creates scalable, repeatable processes to assure consistency and reliability.
  • Process characterization: Includes immunophenotyping, cell expansion kinetics and residual testing to develop a well-defined, controlled, GMP-compliant manufacturing process.

Confidence in quality and reproducibility

Cell and gene therapy products demand consistent quality and reliable yield reproducibility. Our scientists and engineers work with you to design a solution that yields quality outputs in each unit operation. We integrate unit operations to fully automate production systems that reduce costs, variability and errors associated with manual processes.

Why Invetech?

For over 18 years, we have helped our cell and gene therapy clients to visualize, strategize and manage the future. Our team of scientists, engineers, designers and program managers have an intimate understanding of the market, and a proven process for progressing your cell-based therapy from clinical to commercial-scale manufacturing. Invetech’s philosophy of close collaboration with our clients enables us to rapidly advance and support manufacturing production systems for vital, emerging therapies.

Next-generation thinking

Invetech was the first company to develop a closed manufacturing line specifically for the commercialization of a cell therapy, a revolutionary approach now used by companies worldwide.

Enabling success

See how we solve complex problems and create breakthrough solutions to commercialize disruptive technologies and deliver maximum business value for our clients.

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