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GMP Formulation and Fill

Automated, closed cell and gene therapy manufacturing

Solving commercial manufacturing challenges in cell and gene therapy

Automation systems for formulation and filling


Aseptic closed disposables

Consistent product quality

Industrial platform in standard and configured versions


Flexible recipes and batch sizes

Direct tech transfers across facilities

Standalone or fully integrated with eBR/MES


Operation in Class C/D cleanroom

Higher throughput for lower headcount

Complete system with equipment, disposables, service and support

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Case study: Integrated media production system

This Invetech configurable platform helps achieve consistent product quality with tracked records and trusted manufacturing controls.

  • Bulk media formulation 50-250L batch size, multiple recipes
  • Coupled fill 0.25-5L for direct integration into drug product manufacturing
  • Complete batch delivered in a single shift by a single operator
  • GMP, 21CFR11, eBR integrated

Configurable to your needs

Our versatile formulation and filling systems enable rapid configuration to meet your specific manufacturing needs. Accurately formulate and dispense liquid and fill output bags utilizing aseptic single-use disposables.


Viral vector

Cell product

Achieve large scale, end-to-end cell and gene therapy manufacturing

3rd Generation filling system

This system provides a fully automated platform for flexible bag filling by a single operator.

Viral vector cryo-bag filling

  • Output bag size range 50 mL ~ 500 mL
  • Fill volume (per bag) 15 mL~ 200 mL
  • Fill rate (100 mL fill) 72 bags in 2 hours

Media bag filling

  • Output bag size range 500 mL ~ 5 L
  • Fill volume (per bag) 200 mL ~ 5 L
  • Fill rate (100 mL fill) 20 bags in 1 hour

Key platform capabilities

  • Automated bag seal and separate
  • Temperature control for cell products and reagents
  • PLC or DCS compatible
  • Barcode scanner capable
  • Class C/D cleanroom operation
  • Single-use systems matched to equipment configuration

Configurations for cell product and cell banking


Configurable platform enables base platforms to be configured for a broad range of formulation and filling applications, including processing final cell product or aliquoting cell suspensions for master and/or working cell banks.

Assured Pathways™ to commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing

Our automation systems provide an articulated path to integrated commercial manufacturing, from pre-clinical phase to large-scale manufacturing, without any substantive process changes. All elements are robust, GMP compliant, closed, cleanable and validated.

A track record in cell and gene therapy commercial automation

Invetech has been working in custom commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing since 2001. We’re committed to helping you successfully transition from clinical to commercial-scale manufacturing.

We’ve completed over 70 design and development projects for cell and gene therapy companies, helping them shorten their time to market and getting the treatment to patient.

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Take the assured pathway from process development to commercial manufacturing.

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