POC Device Design & Development

Instrument & Consumable Design

Developing a Point of Care (POC) device that provides rapid, reliable, fit for purpose test results at the point of need poses unique design challenges. Below is a collection of articles, white papers and webinars with best practices for development, achieving CLIA Waiver, reducing consumable costs, utilizing cloud solutions and more.


Guide + Checklist: Improving POC Device Manufacturability

How to accelerate manufacturing ramp-up, increase product quality and reduce material and labor costs.


The Case for Leveraging the Cloud in Point of Care Device Development

How smart, connected Point of Care devices improve efficiencies, reduce development costs and provide competitive advantage through differentiation.


From the Bench to POC Cartridge – Replicating Assay Performance

To develop a successful POC device, product developers need to translate a laboratory assay workflow into a cartridge configuration.


Critical Steps for Successful POCT Consumable Production Scale-Up

How to plan for automation and scale-up throughout the design process to enable seamless transfer to manufacturing.


Strategies to Lower Point of Care Device Costs

5 ways design and manufacturing teams can work together to design for manufacturability and develop lower cost Point of Care diagnostic devices.


Best Practices for Point of Care Product Development

How to accelerate timelines, minimize risk and maximize commercial success


Drivers for Utilizing Cloud Solutions in POCT Device Development

Leveraging cloud solutions for Point of Care (POC) devices can significantly reduce development time and instrument cost while adding more diagnostic capabilities.


Essential Design Principles to Develop CLIA Waived Devices

Making a complex test easy for end users is an interesting challenge and diagnostic device manufacturers must embrace good design principles to get it done.


11 Ways to Reduce POC Consumable Costs

In this article, we share 11 ways to lower materials and manufacturing costs and keep your product development program on track.


Achieving CLIA Waiver – Designing for Simplicity

As demand for POC diagnostic platforms continues to grow, product development to achieve CLIA waiver is becoming increasingly necessary for IVD manufacturers.


Microfluidic Cartridge Development: Key Considerations for Point of Care Diagnostic Devices

Since cartridge design plays a key role in the successful development of a complete POCT system, it is important for the cartridge design to mature ahead of the instrument.

Need a product development partner?

How you translate breakthrough science into a successful POC product is key to realizing its full promise and potential. We can help.



What is the Optimal Timing for POCT Scale-Up Production?

Integrating planning of production scale-up and associated automation early and throughout the design process will help enable a seamless transfer to manufacture.


Designing for Humans in Point of Care Testing

Good Experience Design of diagnostic instruments and connected healthcare ecosystems is more important than ever before. In this presentation from the 24th International MMTC, Cece O’Connor, Invetech’s Global Director of UX Strategy & Design, discusses Experience Design and its importance in POC testing’s present state and future direction.


What Does POC Testing Look Like in the Lab of the Future?

Representatives from Haemonetics, Quidel and Alameda Health Systems Highland Hospital discuss the future of point of care testing during a webinar hosted by AACC.


Evolving Healthcare Trends Call for a Different Product Development Approach

In an interview with MedCity News, Invetech's President Andreas Knaack discusses how environmental changes and evolving healthcare trends are impacting the way product development should be approached for startups and established companies alike.

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