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Below is a collection of articles, resources and stories from the Invetech team and industry experts, sharing their knowledge, experiences and advice on product development and market trends.

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Quality Systems: Headache or Growth Driver?

Invetech President Colin White speaks with John Malloy, principal consultant for Malloy & Associates, about quality systems in product development.

RoHS 2 and IVD: Are You Ready for the Deadline?

Compliance with the new RoHS 2 regulations will be mandatory by July 22, 2016. Ian Sellars is here to explain the details.

Bioprocessing Tutorial: Manufacturing Cell Therapies

Richard Grant has published a tutorial on allogeneic and autologous therapies in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.

WHITE PAPER: Manufacturing Cell Therapies—Development Strategies for Commercial Vision

In this white paper, Invetech and PCT share insights on how to address the unique challenges faced when developing and manufacturing a patient-specific cell therapy (PSCT).

Growth through Improved Time-to-Market

Invetech President Colin White and Drew Locher, a faculty member of the Lean Enterprise Institute, discuss the important of time to market in driving growth.

Growth Through Disruption

Colin White talks with Axel Scherer, Neches Professor of Electrical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Applied Physics and Physics at Caltech, and Director of the Caltech Global Health Initiative.

Increasing Growth Through Lean Product Development

President of Invetech Colin White talks with Jeff Liker, author of The Toyota Way, about using lean processes for product development.

Impacting Product Sales Through Design

Invetech President Colin White discusses talks with Steven B. Wilcox, founder of Design Science, about how thoughtful product design can increase market share.

A Conversation About Growth Through Leadership with Jeanne Liedtka

Colin White, President of Invetech, has a conversation with Professor Jeanne Liedtka on leadership, the subject of her new book The Catalyst.

Key highlights from the Molecular Med Tri-Conference 2014

Invetech’s molecular biologist Rebecca Newman shares her takeaway from the Molecular Med Tri-Conference 2014

Strategies for Developing Breakthrough Medical Devices

Invetech shares some of its winning strategies for developing truly innovative devices.

Small-Batch-Size Production: Addressing the Commercial Challenge

David James discusses small-batch-size production in a supplement to BioProcess International.