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Below is a collection of articles, resources and stories from the Invetech team and industry experts, sharing their knowledge, experiences and advice on product development and market trends.

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Strategies for Developing Breakthrough Medical Devices

Invetech shares some of its winning strategies for developing truly innovative devices.

Small-Batch-Size Production: Addressing the Commercial Challenge

David James discusses small-batch-size production in a supplement to BioProcess International.

A Moral Driver with Commercial Return for IVD Companies in the Developing World

The IVD industry has the opportunity to not only address world poverty, but also achieve strong commercial return.

The Secret to Turning Great Ideas in to Iconic Products

We talk with Bill Hill, a Director at Invetech, about how to increase the chances of turning a great idea into an iconic product.

Customization of Complex Diagnostic Instruments

David James outlines the pros and cons of product customization and describes methods for success.

Improving Design to Ensure Safe, User-Friendly Medical Devices

Alan Morris and Andreas Knaack of Invetech go into the details of what makes great products just so great.

Improving the Field Reliability of Complex Instruments

Improving the reliability of complex instruments is critical in avoiding unexpected losses and increasing overall profitability.

The IVD Product Definition Process

The product definition process can overlook optimal solutions if existing practices or favored technologies are accepted without adequate questioning.

Reducing Manufacturing Cost Without Compromising Quality

Here we describe the challenges and advantages to different methods of cost reduction that leave the quality of the final product intact.