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Get winning products to market—fast

Optimize designs for Point of Care Diagnostics.


Move seamlessly from design to production

We can help you uncover product opportunities, reduce risk and speed time to market. From design to manufacturing, work with one team to streamline your path to commercialization.


Discovery and Feasibility

Design and user research

Market requirements and program planning

Concept development and testing


Product Design and Development

Alpha and Beta prototypes

Usability testing and field evaluation trials

Design verification

Design transfer


Contract Manufacturing

FDA registered and ISO 13485 certified

Tooling design and qualification

US-based manufacturing and global supply chain management

POC platform design guide—3 ways to stand out

Discover practical strategies for bringing unique, profitable POC platforms to market.

Proven expertise, breakthrough results

The journey of bringing a new Point of Care (POC) product to market presents novel challenges and opportunities.

With a 30-year track record of sustained innovation and experience developing more than 45 POC products, we will help your team avoid obstacles and optimize every phase in the development process.

Let’s get started

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help


Design for the point of care

For POC platforms, simplicity and ease of use are key drivers for adoption.

We establish a thorough understanding of usage scenarios and requirements through design research—and then translate those insights into winning designs. Deliver products that are simple, intuitive and optimized for distributed POC environments.

Designing for CLIA Waiver—keys to success

Get best practices for meeting the FDA’s demanding criteria for safety, accuracy and simplicity.

Capitalize on emerging technologies

The rise of connected devices, centralized data storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the way POC diagnostics deliver value. We can assess how your product strategy may benefit, and help you fully leverage these technologies to speed time to market, strengthen differentiation and maximize margins.

Maximize profitability

The design decisions you make today should set your POC platform up for maximum adoption and margins.

Our integrated design and manufacturing teams work with you to co-create products that are easy to manufacture, ship, install and service in a distributed POC environment. We will optimize all aspects of your product – consumables, instrumentation, telemetry, and commercial support – while helping you navigate the trade-offs between total cost of ownership and the get-to-market imperative.

Guide: Strategies to improve POC device manufacturability

Discover how to speed production, improve quality and reduce costs by improving collaboration between design and manufacturing teams early on.

Partner with one team for all your needs

Our designers, engineers, scientists and manufacturers deliver the expertise that’s needed, when it’s needed.

  • MVP and prototyping
  • User experience and workflow design
  • Human factors engineering and usability
  • Industrial design
  • Digital design and UX
  • Design for CLIA Waiver
  • Program management
  • Consumable and cartridge design
  • System architecture
  • Optical systems design
  • Fluidic system design and integration
  • Precision motion
  • Software development
  • Connectivity and systems integration
  • Cloud enabled
  • FDA design control and documentation
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)
  • 13485 contract manufacturing

Let’s get started

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help.

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