Labtech Systems + bioMérieux

High-throughput automated culture plate streaking instrument leveraged a revolutionary concept to streamline the clinical lab workflow.


Organovo turned science fiction into science fact with the world’s first commercial 3D bioprinter to print human tissues.


A revolutionary biomarker analysis platform realizing next-generation personalized healthcare.

Confidential Biopharmaceutical Company

Complete manufacturing system delivered technology innovation, novel automation solutions, and substantial IP in the cell therapy manufacturing automation domain.

Confidential Pharmaceutical Company

Breakthrough manufacturing automation for cell expansion, formulation and working cell bank dispensing paves the way for treatment of debilitating illness.


We transitioned the existing manual Cellaxess® technology to a fully automated system that opened a new market for our client.

CelTor Biosystems

We assisted in the creation of an in-house test platform for high-content screening of live cells to assist in drug screening process steps.


This equipment automatically picks plantlets from agar-gel trays, sections them using machine vision to identify the right cutting points, and replants the sections in new trays.

Applied Imaging + Leica Biosystems

We worked with a global team to provide turnkey design, development and transfer to manufacture for the world’s first automated microscope slide loader.