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Cell and Gene Therapy Innovation Lab

Integrate and accelerate workflow automation from process development to manufacturing with a focus on user-centered design.

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Core Innovative Approach

Activities to drive growth and innovation

Human-Centered Design for a novel sepsis diagnostic system in Microbiology Labs

Current workflows are highly complex and time consuming

The current workflow in Microbiology labs is manual, slow and abundant with pain point for users.
Sepsis is life threatening and there is urgent need to create rapid diagnostics to save lives and reduce antibiotic resistance.

Research in laboratories revealed new insights and opportunities

Multiple rounds of immersive research with lab users, internal stakeholders and infectious disease experts uncovered impactful insights. The research and design team mapped the workflows and innovation opportunities to create a roadmap for the future product.

Rapid, iterative design transformed the workflow

A cross-disciplinary team of experience design, engineering, and software created prototypes to address the gaps in the workflows. Transforming the workflow with seamless usability drove a shorter time to treat sepsis and improve patient outcomes.

Blue sky innovation portfolio for multi-national diagnostics company

Need to reinvigorate the core business through innovation

The product and R&D teams observed a reduction in their consumable business. They were looking to inspire organic growth through a customer-centered approach.

A customer deep dive with immersive research uncovered new opportunities for growth

Our team researched the patient sample to result workflows with field research in sample collection sites and labs. Insights helped reframe the problems and revealed new ways to bring value to customers. Cross-functional teams of engineering, science and commercial leaders created new ideas for products and services.

Results included a reimagined innovation portfolio with new products, services and business models

This project reignited the organization with energy around opportunities for growth in a changing ecosystem. The work kickstarted new products and growth based on ideas grounded in customer insights.

Reinventing a slide-based process into a digital workflow powered by AI

Real-world insights guided the digital cytology vision

Cytologists and cytotechnicians review physical slides in a laborious and manual process. Design researchers distilled the current workflow insights and identified opportunities for workflow and digital transformation.

Cross-disciplinary workshop outlined the product roadmap

Collaborating with a global diagnostics company, we built a roadmap and ignited their product journey. We iteratively tested concepts with users to meet their needs in the new workflow and how they will interact with the artificial intelligence.

Revolutionary review interface and workflow provides access to digital diagnostics anytime, anywhere

As an integral part of our client’s development team, we designed and implemented the new digital workflow to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. We created an ecosystem of solutions to aid in the adoption of this impactful transformation.