Automated Live Cell High-Content Screening Platform

We assisted in the creation of an in-house test platform for high-content screening of live cells to assist in drug screening process steps.

Client: CelTor Biosystems

Product: In-house test platform

Automating cell-based assays

CelTor Biosystems required an automated in-house test platform for high-content screening of live cells.

The system would be used in a range of drug discovery process steps from target validation to lead optimization. The complex workstation needed to combine high-performance fluorescent imaging with microfluidics technology for automation of cell-based assays.

While working with CelTor Biosystems in both Denmark and California, we developed:

  • Fluidics workstation to deliver multichannel hydrodynamic flows
  • Microfluidics chip to steer laminar multichannel hydrodynamic flows over a cell culture.
  • Optics workstation that provides microscopic bright field and fluorescent imaging of cell culture in-situ on the microfluidics chip.

During development, we overcame a range of challenges, including complex multi-lane microfluidics, high-performance fluorescence cellular imaging, systems integration to enable previously unfeasible cellular assays, and a fast development timeframe.

We developed a proprietary drug discovery platform within months, using base technology and integrating commercial autosamplers with complex fluidics and high-performance fluorescence cellular imaging. The system enables previously unfeasible cellular assays for cell apoptosis and ADME/Tox.

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