Bio-Rad Laboratories: BioPlex® 2200 – Fully Automated Immunoassay Instrument Development

We provided turnkey instrument development and contract manufacture for a fully automated immunoassay instrument capable of up to 2200 results per hour.
Client: Bio-Rad Laboratories Product: BioPlex® 2200

Bio-Rad’s OEM Supplier of the Year (awarded to Invetech)


IVD directive, CE, EN61010, UL61010A, FCC, EN61326, ROHS


Fluidics, Optics, Motion, Consumable Design, Usability/HFE, Connectivity & Systems Integration, Contract Manufacturing

Building on the client’s technology to develop a breakthrough in clinical diagnostics

We built on Bio-Rad’s magnetic bead technology to design and develop this high-throughput, random access instrument. By combining multiplex immunoassay detection and state of the art software, we provided high throughput random access assays with extraordinary flexibility and performance.

For this project, our integrated team of designers, scientists and engineers focused on:

  • Concept generation, including thorough ergonomic design and incorporating end-user input, to ensure convenient front access for all operator interactions
  • Hardware development, including fluidics, robotics, heating, cooling and magnetic separation
  • Software for control, sample scheduling and service
  • Prototype build, test and qualification (44 units)
  • Chemistry testing and instrument verification
  • Ongoing instrument production in-house

Effective communications and a solid understanding of user needs were critical to the success of this project. Each stage of the project focused on the design and commissioning of a prototype iteration. Each prototype iteration supported assay development and incrementally added to the instrument’s features, performance and ultimate reliability.

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