Invetech and Bio-Rad announce manufacture of the BioPlex

Bio-Rad BioPlexSAN DIEGO – Invetech, a product-realization partner specializing in instrument development, custom automation and contract manufacturing, announced today a ten-year agreement to extend their long-term relationship with Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. to manufacture Bio-Rad’s BioPlex® 2200 instrument. This new agreement extends the partnership between Invetech and Bio-Rad that began in 1998 with the design and co-development of the BioPlex 2200, an instrument that remains the industry’s first and only fully automated, random access, multiplex immunoassay testing platform for clinical in vitro diagnostics (IVD).

“Fifteen years ago, we started working with Invetech to bring the BioPlex 2200 to market because the Invetech team had unique capabilities to provide complete support from innovative product design to engineering and manufacturing” said Mike Barcellos, Vice President and General Manager of Clinical Immunology Division at Bio-Rad.  “With this new agreement, we reaffirm our successful relationship with Invetech as a long-term product-realization partner.”

“By working with Bio-Rad through all phases of the product life-cycle, we have been able to develop a commercially viable breakthrough product while continuing to provide extra value in continuous supply and life-cycle management of the BioPlex 2200,” said David James, Senior Vice President of the IVD Division at Invetech. “Our highly-skilled, design, engineering and manufacturing teams are devised to be long-term partners with our customers, working with them from product concept to commercialization to obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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