Coca-Cola Freestyle wins Gold Award

Coca-Cola FreestyleInvetech congratulates the Coca-Cola Company on winning the prestigious Gold Award for the Coca-Cola Freestyle at the 2011 Edison Awards’ Best New Product Awards, recently announced in New York.

Coca-Cola Freestyle won the Gold Award, the highest honor, in the New Retail Frontiers category. The first-of-its-kind fountain dispenser allows consumers to select from more than 100 regular and low-calorie branded beverages from a single touchscreen machine, all in the same footprint as a standard eight-valve machine.

The Edison Awards recognize “the persistence and excellence personified by Thomas Edison and his tremendous legacy.” Established in 1987 by the American Marketing Association, the Edison Best New Product Awards are now independent and have honored some of the most innovative products and business leaders in the U.S.

The Coca-Cola Company selected Invetech to assist with the development of Coca-Cola Freestyle in March of 2006. Invetech was selected following an evaluation process, which examined a range of key capabilities including mechanical and electrical engineering, innovation, functional design, project management and successful client history.

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