First-of-Kind TearLab Product Wins MDEA Award

TearLab Device(Melbourne, Australia – 14 May 2009) Invetech, specialists in product development and custom automation for the medical, industrial and consumer markets, today announced that TearLab Corporation’s revolutionary TearLab Osmolarity System has been recognized for its innovative design with a prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA). TearLab Corporation retained Invetech to assist with the development and industrial design of its instrumentation. The TearLab Osmolarity system is the first technology that can quantitatively and objectively measure Dry Eye Disease in a doctor’s office in seconds. Dry Eye Disease is a chronic and progressive condition that if left untreated can lead to serious eye damage.

The TearLab Osmolarity product won the award for its breakthrough design that significantly reduced the complexity, cost and patient discomfort of conventional tear testing technologies. TearLab was designed to achieve CLIA waiver status reflecting its focus on ease of use and consideration for the needs of both the patient and the clinician.

The patented approach includes a range of new innovations including a hand-held pen system which operates from as little as 50 nanolitres of tear samples, considerably less than current swab methods. The pen is a smart collection device ergonomically designed to minimize patient discomfort, avoid sample dilution from reflex tearing and minimize sample evaporation, providing repeatable, accurate test results. It houses miniaturized electronics and holds a high value, disposable lab-on-a-chip a joint development between TearLab Corporation and MiniFab, specialists in the development and manufacture of advanced polymer microfluidics for disposable diagnostics.

A desktop reader converts the results generated from the pen in to a quantitative measurement which is then displayed to the user. The entire process from tear collection to results now takes just seconds providing an eye care practitioner the opportunity to see more patients while improving the quality of care.

Eric Donsky, CEO of TearLab Corporation commented, “We are thrilled that our very first product has been recognised with the MDEA accolade. We are already seeing doctors and users getting excited about using the product frequently due to the reliable, accurate and simple nature of its design. We very much appreciate Invetech’s role in helping us develop a great product. Invetech delivered breakthrough thinking and world-class engineering, which is what you need to develop revolutionary products. We hope the technology platform we have created in conjunction with our partners, Invetech and MiniFab, will go on to be used in a range of other applications and other products in the near future.”

Fred Davis, President of Invetech said, “It is extremely exciting and rewarding to see TearLab receive this award. From the hand shake deal between Eric Donsky and I some years ago to an MDEA winning product today, the journey has been a great success for everyone. We thank TearLab for its trust and are proud of the way we have collaborated with the company to deliver what is a genuinely groundbreaking product.”

Donsky went on to say, “Time to market is crucial when launching a new product like this, and Invetech’s ability to hand over work from the North American teams, at the end of the day, to its Australian team who would work through our night, was a real advantage.”

TearLab was selected as a winner by an impartial panel of expert judges for its innovation, user-related design, product features and engineering that improves the manufacturers profitability.

Already available in Europe, TearLab is currently under FDA review in the United States prior to its launch in the North American market expected in 2009.