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Cell Therapy

Below is a collection of articles, resources and stories from the Invetech team and industry experts, sharing their knowledge, experiences and advice on product development and market trends.

Cell Therapy

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Bridging the Gap: How Innovation-driven Partnerships Fuel the Pace of Cell Therapy Manufacturing Development

Panelists from Aspen Neuroscience, Notch Therapeutics, Excellos and Charles River Laboratories share key considerations for automating a cell therapy manufacturing program at different stages of development.

Transforming T Cell Manufacturing via Elutriation with Korus™ Webinar Video

Michelle Duquette, Director of Business Development, Cell Therapy discusses how the closed Korus system could streamline and improve your cell and gene therapy manufacturing process from process development to GMP production.

Where to Next in Cell Therapy Manufacturing?

David Hodl, Head of Business Development, Cell Therapy discusses some of the challenges the industry is facing and taking therapy development from the lab to commercial scale.

How New Korus™ Technology is Helping Transform T Cell Manufacturing via Elutriation

Applications Scientist Thikrayat (Tina) Al-Attar, PhD discusses the benefits of utilizing the new Korus™ technology in cell therapy manufacturing and tackling some of the current challenges in the advanced therapies industry.

Building A Robust Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain

Cell and gene therapy manufacturers need a supply chain that is both nimble and adaptable to sufficiently support therapeutic development

Checklist: How to Develop a Cell Therapy Manufacturing Roadmap

Developing a manufacturing roadmap early on is essential when scaling cell therapy manufacturing.

Why So Shy? Implementing Disruptive Technologies with Confidence in Cell Therapy

Panelists from Lonza, Takeda and Vor Biopharma share their insights on how to best introduce disruptive technologies into cell therapy manufacturing processes.

5 Things to Look Out for in Cell Therapy Supply Chain in 2022

How to navigate global supply chain challenges to help avoid cell therapy manufacturing production bottlenecks this year

Key Considerations for Automating Cell Therapy Manufacturing Processes

Invetech’s Jon Ellis and TreeFrog Therapeutics’ Maxime Feyeux discuss cell therapy process automation, development time and costs and automating ancillary processes.

Rethink Cell Therapy QC with Release by Exception

The cell and gene therapy industry could move away from lengthy and costly QC reviews - while still upholding high quality standards - by employing release by exception methods.

Reducing the Manufacturing Costs of Allogeneic Cell Therapies

For allogeneic cell therapies to reach their therapeutic potential, it comes down to achieving scalable and robust manufacturing processes.

Integrating Ancillary Systems – A Bridge to Closed Cell Therapy Manufacturing Processes

Removing bottlenecks around media formulation, viral vector preparation and unique cell therapy reagents.