Project Management & Team Collaboration

Project Management & Collaboration

The IVD product development process is incredibly complex – strong program management and team collaboration are key to keeping your project on track. Below are some articles and insights for improving team communication, managing risk, user-focused product definition and more.


How to Improve Cross-Team Collaboration and Communication

Best practices for establishing a communication framework for more effective cross-site and remote, cross-time zone, and cross-team collaboration for diagnostic product developers.


Guide to Managing IVD Product Development Risk

A Strategic Program Management approach to instrument development helps ensure a positive project outcome, fosters innovation and improves product design.


User-Focused Product Definition for IVD Market Success

Designing for the user is becoming increasingly necessary for IVD manufacturers. Successful products must solve real user problems to deliver value, so discovering the user’s true goals and needs at the start of the product development process is essential.

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The Importance of Team Collaboration for Agile Product Development

We share our insights and learnings from applying agile methodologies to instrument development projects.


How Strategic Program Management Can Foster Innovation for IVD Companies

In an interview with MedCity News, Invetech's VP, Diagnostics Gerald Kent discusses how in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies can foster innovation and create value through strategic program management.

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