One dashboard for all device insights

No devices are left out in the cold. Simple cloud connectivity allows access to legacy devices as well as new IVD platforms.

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Experience the cloud-based device management solution for your fleet.

Fleet Monitoring

Alerts and troubleshooting guidance to manage remote fixes and updates

Device Analytics

Improve the customer experience, manage devices and support root cause analysis

Remote Updates

End-user access for resolving issues and seeing key data and insights

Invetech specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of clinical diagnostic instruments and point of care devices. With hundreds of successful collaborations over the past 30 years, we bring innovative thinking, processes and people to empower your path to progress.

Monitor your diagnostic devices from anywhere

Real-time data for just‑in‑time decisions

The Invetech device insights platform is a cloud solution customized for IVD and medical device partners. It provides simple, real-time monitoring and remote updates and predictive analytics.

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