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Elutriation. Washing. One system.

Korus™ system specifications

Wide processing volume range: 25 mL – 5 L

Single-use set loading time: <5 minutes

Viability loss<5%
Input volume range25 mL - 5 L
Output volume range (user defined)25 mL - 150 mL
Typical single-use set loading time<5 minutes
Typical processing time<1 hour typical
Standard operationsLymphocyte elutriation, Monocyte elutriation, Cell wash
DisplayGlove compatible color touchscreen
Control systemSupports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
Chamber volumeTwo 50 mL chambers
Maximum operational RCF1000 x g
DimensionsW 1460 mm (57.5 in), H 760 mm (30 in), D 810 mm (32 in)
Weight195 kg (430 lb)

The Korus system by Invetech is for research, laboratory or cell therapy manufacturing processes use only. It is not intended as a medical device in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures. Customers are responsible for validating the use of Korus technology within their process or therapy. Consult all instructions, terms and warnings prior to use of the solutions and products. Failure to do so can result in damage or serious injury, including death. Ready-to-run turnkey systems may require minor configuration before sale and use depending on customer needs.

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