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Elutriation. Washing. One system.

Designed for ease-of-use from PD to GMP

The Korus™ system offers both elutriation and wash protocols. Learn more about the different features of Korus™.


Bag Hanger

This is where the input bag, buffer bag and fraction bag are placed on the Korus™.


HMI Display

This color touch screen is operable using both latex and nitrile standard laboratory gloves. It displays easy to follow instructions to guide operators through the various protocols.


Peristaltic pumps

The peristaltic pumps move fluid through the single-use set, with pinch valves providing the necessary control to route fluid to/from the desired bag.


Pinch valves

There are nine pinch valves integrated into one valve plate with a single door.

The valve plate has retaining channels that hold the single-use set tubing in place.


Valve plate door

The valve plate door covers and protects the pinch valves in the valve plate.


Bubble sensors

The bubble sensors, located in the valve plate, signal whether air or fluid is present in the single-use set tubing at that location.


Weigh cell

The weigh cell aids accurate volume transfer to the cell collection bag.


Bar code scanner

The bar code scanner is used to scan in information such as batch ID, buffer/media bag ID or input bag ID.

Single-use set features

The Korus™ functionally closed, sterile single-use set has a user-friendly design that can be used in process development or GMP production environments. The set comes ready to use in a sealed tub designed to make loading onto the device easy. The set is designed with weldable tubing, making it possible to attach source material and media in a class C or D (ISO 7 or above) cleanroom.


Input Bag

This bag is attached to the single-use set by the operator and contains the cells which are to be processed.


Buffer/media bag

This bag is attached to the kit by the operator and contains the buffer/media used for processing, including the volume needed to prime the set. For the elutriation method, the media in this bag is the same media that the cells will be collected in at the completion of the harvest phase.


Harvest bag

This is the output bag which the final volume of cells is collected in at the completion of the harvest phase.


Fraction Bag

This bag is used for the intermediate storage of cells for some protocols.



The rotor consists of two 50 mL chambers. It is the core component to the single-use set which facilitates the counterflow centrifugation feature. The rotor is loaded into the centrifuge by the operator and permits fluid to be pumped through both chambers while being spun at the same time.

The Korus system by Invetech is for research, laboratory or cell therapy manufacturing processes use only. It is not intended as a medical device in therapeutic or diagnostic procedures. Customers are responsible for validating the use of Korus technology within their process or therapy. Consult all instructions, terms and warnings prior to use of the solutions and products. Failure to do so can result in damage or serious injury, including death. Ready-to-run turnkey systems may require minor configuration before sale and use depending on customer needs.

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