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Design for Manufacture

Design for manufacture (DFM) is a key capability for producing reliable, high quality instruments that can be assembled consistently and at a competitive price.

We have developed and manufactured diagnostic instruments and medical devices for over 30 years and understand the regulations and standards required. We design products for simplicity and consistency in manufacture, which directly translates to fewer errors and defects in the field.

DFM work commences at the beginning of a project with our in-house contract manufacturing engineers joining the core project team. Their role throughout the entire project is to ensure we’re producing part designs that are appropriate for the selected manufacturing process, resulting in a cost-efficient manufacturing strategy. This includes identifying critical components and assembly processes early, allowing us to either select different options or address the risk to mitigate. We consult suppliers throughout the part establishment process to ensure that parts and assemblies can be made within the capabilities of the manufacturing equipment. Our process control plans are also documented early so the manufacturing and assembly process can be refined as the design matures.

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