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Human-Centered Design

Products succeed when people succeed. Therefore, creating a great experience is essential to commercial success. Through observation and hands-on user testing of prototypes using methods grounded in behavioral science, we’re able to design simple, intuitive workflows, while mitigating the risk of errors. This human-centered approach is tightly integrated into our design and development processes to ensure we’re delivering engaging, easy to use products.

Delivering differentiation through innovation

Innovation that makes a difference starts with the discovery of real problems. This begins with our experience design and engineering teams immersing themselves with the people, challenges and use environment to uncover insights regarding the user’s unarticulated goals and pain points. In addition, the teams look at analogous experiences and new technologies to provide inspiration for transformational product innovation.

Ensuring usability and compliance

Critical to most of our clients, our human-centered approach includes planning and designing for usability and regulatory compliance from the start of a product development project through completion. By following a structured approach to usability, we identify potential risks and address them through our iterative design process.

Reducing project risk through early exploration

We take early concepts into the field and test them with real users. This allows us to quickly check key assumptions and identify improvements by observing what works well and where friction or risks exist in the interactions. Through multiple iterations, features and functionality can be prioritized or improved to ensure that the needs of both users and the manufacturer are being met. This minimizes the chance the product design will need to be revisited later, costing time and money.

Integrating expertise

By its nature, a human-centered approach draws on a range of training and skills. We access the best talent and expertise within our extended team of experience design professionals, engineers, software developers and scientists to design across disciplines and arrive at integrated, end-to-end solutions. By coupling user insights with an understanding of current and emerging technologies, we build products that deliver a better experience and increased customer satisfaction.

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