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Reduce the risk of batch contamination

with our automated rapid fill system’s autoseal feature

Our award-winning automated rapid bag fill system can be used for:

  • Autologous viral vector filling
  • Allogeneic cell banking and final fill
  • Media/reagent filling

Seal, separate, collect, repeat

The system has an automated sealing and separation feature that works with our fully-closed, sterile single-use set (SUS) to help reduce the risk of batch contamination. All SUS bags are automatically and individually weighed, reducing QA overhead. After each run, a final batch report is created that records any exceptions that occurred to help speed up your process efficiency.

This rapid fill system uses a sealing membrane to individually autoseal all 66 bags per manifold. Pictured is a view of the bags after they have been autosealed and separated just above the cryo storage bag to minimize the resulting length of fill tubing for easy storage.

Watch how you can power through up to hundreds of bags per shift

The rapid bag fill system can be configured to accurately and rapidly dispense therapeutic products or processing material from formulated bulk into individual aliquot bags

Using a closed-system SUS, you can achieve automated, closed, efficient and flexible bag filling in class C or D cleanroom settings. Designed for GMP manufacturing, this configurable system is scalable and minimizes process variability.

Output bag size range50 ml – 750 ml
Fill volume (per bag)15 ml – 200 ml
Total dispense volumeUp to 100 L depending on aliquot volume
Fill accuracy5% vol. or 1.5 g
Bags per manifoldUp to 66
Batch capacity528 bags (via multiple manifolds)
Fill rateTypically 1 bag per minute*

*Actual fill times may vary based on fluid viscosity or other factors

From process development to commercial manufacturing


Closed, automated system for formulation and filling

Aseptic disposables matched to system configuration

Industrial build, control system options (PLC, DeltaV)

Connect with eBR, MES


Create and utilize multiple protocols for batch sizes and fill volumes

Seamless tech transfer across global manufacturing sites


Minimal footprint in lower grade cleanroom (C/D)

Single operator, intuitive interface

Auto seal/separate limits operator touch time

Precise transfers limit losses, improve manufacturing efficiency

Reduces lot-to-lot variability

Invetech GMP Formulation and Fill Systems

A track record in cell and gene therapy commercial automation

Invetech has been working in custom commercial cell and gene therapy manufacturing since 2001. We’re committed to helping you successfully transition from clinical to commercial-scale manufacturing.

We’ve completed over 70 design and development projects for cell and gene therapy companies, helping them shorten their time to market and getting the treatment to patient.

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Take the assured pathway from process development to commercial manufacturing.

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